Gharial Sanctuary

Marsh and Fish-eating crocodile at Phali Ghat

The ultimate spot to enjoy a bit of serene tranquility, Pali Ghat the crocodile park, situated at the banks of the Chambal River. Though abundant marshcrocodiles and gharials (fish-eating crocodile) are visible to the naked eye, the shimmering waters of the river hide many more secrets within its depth. This riverside sanctuary is also an ideal place for bird watching and provides for interesting pictures of rare avifauna amidst a backdrop consisting of deep ravines interrupted by the steadily flowing river. The Steve Irvin’s of the world flock to this Sanctuary in huge numbers to see the gharials – a critically endangered species, living side by side with vigilant marsh crocodiles.

Take a relaxing boat ride in this park that runs through three states – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh to get a closer look at the green reptiles. Take your binoculars and camera as they help you unravel the mystery ofPaliGhat. You will also see another side of Mother Nature – where predators and their prey thrive in their natural habitat, and you may just get lucky to witness a live hunt. There are jungle cats,Indian gazelle (chinkara), jackal, and hyena on the river banks; turtles, small freshwater ducks (teal), and also theendangered ganges river dolphins in the freshwater. If you are really lucky, you will spot a shoal of the friendly dolphins. The best time to see them is during rainy season and soon after the monsoon, in October.

When you take the morning option of thistrip packed breakfast will be served for you right before you get into your boat. After completing your trip you will be back to hotel at lunch time.

When you take the afternoon option of this trip you will witness the sun going down at the river. As the sun sets as the signal the end of the day, the river is ablaze with a fabulous replica of the twilight sky proffering you another picture of worthy moments. Meanwhile you are enjoying the colors of the sunset by the bonfire you will be served the packed meal, snacks and drinks to satiate your thirst and hunger.

Information about the half day trip:

  • Price: 6000Rs (guide, transport, boat)/car
  • Size of group: 2 – 4 pax /car
  • Distance from Ranthambhore: 60-70Km (~ 90 mins)
  • Duration of trip: 4-5hrs /Half day
  • Start: morning/afternoon upon request
  • Recommended age group: 15-55 yrs

“ When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.”

Mrs. & Mr. Anderson (6th Jan 2018)